Flotilla and Islam – strewn wreckage or not?

Israel and its IDF gave ample warning to the 800-person strong ‘flotilla’ not to trespass into governed waters and offered to transmit any ‘humanitarian aid’ via its own usual routes for transporting the usual huge quantities of fuel, food, water and medicines provided by Israel on a daily basis to Gaza.
While the flotilla, a PR exercise sponsored by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda, continued to ignore Israel’s warnings and its offers of assistance, it moved ever more towards its target and so brought on itself the proper defence against this potential threat the protecting forces of the state of Israel.
The cry of ‘Khaibar’ was heard raised against the defending Israili commandos, so signifying the truest adherence to the 7th century cry of the alleged Muhammed, whose rallying ‘Khaibar’ presaged the genocide of the final living populace of Jews alive in Arabia.
Israel is the only secular democracy extant in the Middle East, where you can choose between going to an opera or to a strip-joint. The countries which orbit this tiny globe of secular sanity are intent, in their Islamic insanity, and in their paucity of pleasure, entertainment, freedom of expression and thought, on eradicating Israel from the face of the planet, bound up as all their despicable religious expressions are with unfathomable levels of anti-semitism.
It seems that Israel is the only country on the face of the planet which is not granted an automatic right to defend itself. The despicable doctrine from which all anti-semitism has spewed, so placing Israel in its typically internationally bullied state, is the worst man-made religion of them all, Islam.
The media’s global condemnation of Israel over the last 48 hours is an absolute disgrace and underscores a hugely shameful lacuna in awareness of the true face of Islam.

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