Average Salaries in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

From a written answer in the Dáil on March 2nd. (Averages calculated by yours truly):

Agency Current Number of Staff 2010 Pay Budget Average per staff
Competition Authority 42.2 €3.614m €85,640
National Consumer Agency 44.4 €3.646m €82,117
IAASA 12 €1.243m €103,583
Science Foundation Ireland 53 €4.723 m €89,113
Personal Injuries Assessment Board 74 €5,695m €76,959
FÁS 2055.4 €112.33 m €54,651
Labour Relations Commission 46 €4.011m €87,196
Health and Safety Authority 192.3 €13.504m €70,224
NERA 116 7.94m in 2009 comprising €6.55m in pay and €1.39m non-pay €68,448 (€56,466 and €11,983)

If you were to be fair the cost of employing someone (employers PRSI, up-yer-bum levies, etc) account for about 10% of the average per staff member) but the averages are pretty bewildering.

For example, FÁS (which employs LOTS of clerical staff) still manages an average salary of almost €50k, so are they:

  • overpaid
  • highly skilled
  • management heavy

Compare this to the average per staff in a company in the private sector who doesn’t get within an asses roar of that!

Pretty sweet huh? Even with your pension and pay levies!


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