Great Deals from Falcon Travel and Silverarm Solutions? Who Knows!

Normally I get a bit irate at spamming bastards from hell, but this one made me laugh. In my INBOX from Silverarm Solutions on behalf of Falcon Travel:

Email from silverarm solutions and falcon travel

So not only are you niaive enough to think that spamming me will work, you are actually stupid enough to think I’ll click through to read more spam!?

Now I send email campaigns out and when I do I send them from my own domain. I don’t hide behind a .info domain in case someone blacklists me. However I am a tad more responsible than these stupid fuckers, so perhaps I shouldn’t comment.

By the way, check out what Silverarm Solutions are charging Falcon Travel for this “service”!!!

To Falcon Travel: If you would like to put a comment on this post and let us know what great deals you actually have we will give you the advertising for free. Just please don’t give my email address away to snake oil merchants!

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