Check it out: between 37 and 52 percent of Muslims residing in the state want Shariah law to be imposed on us all.

Fort Hood is an example of quite how fundamentalist Islam can sneak beneath the radar, be granted all the rights a multicultural society thinks are necessary to be PC, and then destruct a major (no pun intented) part of the society which saw fit to welcome its wannabe nemesis into its midst.

Take a look at this, if you think there’s nothing much to worry about, even in Ireland:

I sent this, expecting no reply and of course getting none:

Dr Jasser

 Your film was devastating: informative as it was terrifying. Congratulations on presenting this film such that small individuals like me can see it.

 It is often held that Islam is incapable of going through a reformation in the way that Christianity did, because its canonical dictates are that it is the final and unalterable revelation.

 I have read the Koran and the Hadith. Once the belligerent, bellicose, kuffar-attacking parts of the Koran are excised, there seems to be little left. May I please have an answer from you as to precisely what kind of Muslim you are. Do you still rate Muhammed as the perfect example of humankind? Once the most aggressive parts of the Koran are excised, may I ask what remains to believe in?

 In order for you to follow this religion, quite what is it that retains your adherence?

 I am genuinely puzzled as to how you can make of a despicably aggressive document – the Koran, as I’ve read it – a benign, life-embracing, loving way of seeing it. There really seems to be little left.



Let’s not forget quite what an apostate Muslim, living under constant guard, because the crime of Islamic apostasy is death, had to say about this:

What is absolutely unbelievable is that there are still those who promote the vacuous nonsense that Muslim terrorism lies in some dispute about political advantage, or that those crying ‘Alahu Akhbar’ before they blow up countless innocents along with their vile selves actually have any geo-political concerns whatsoever. Until it is understood that the fuckers whose morality has been entirely corrupted by the Koran and the Hadith such that they want to fight their beloved texts’ enforced war of jihad and martydom against the kuffar – regardless of geo-political aims and against all of us little non-believing pissants in Ireland – then we’re never going to understand, let alone be able to combat, the evil in our midst.

I refer you to one of the best video clips I’ve ever come across to get across this point.

It’s Christopher Hitchens, and I suspect he needs no introduction to any who actually know a little about what’s fucking going on out there.

The average of 37 and 52 is 44.5 percent. This is far, far too much. How the fuck have we let this maniacal element grow in our midst? It is a fucking disgrace.


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