Why not Syria?

As we view the happy toppling of the madman Gaddafi, under NATO air attack with both US and EU sanction, how many of us say ‘why not the same for Syria’? Is it not a similarly anti-democratic regime? Is not Assad just as much of a tyrant as is Gaddafi? Wherefore the lenience, to put it another way, towards a similarly belligerent regime?

The common answer is that we in the west and the first world have so many investments there, including in oil, that it was a fait accompli. But dig deeper, and we see that only 2 percent of the oil on which the US and the EU depends is pumped from Libya. All sorts of conspiracies surround this matter. You’ll have your own, I’m sure.

But there is written into history and not paid the smallest bit of attention one fact: in February 2011 the Arab League, a disgustingly self-promoting Islamic body, looked up to and revered by both US and UK alike, kicked Libya out of its organisation, with the full support of Syria. Could this be why Syria has not been a recipient of our harsh but of course just and fair treatment? I’ll leave it to you to decide.

You don’t care about my opinion by now, for you’ll have formed your own. But for the hell of it: typical contemptible capitulation before an Islamic threat, already seen in such degree in the UN’s unsuccessful appeasement of the Organisation of Islamic Conference seeking to make freedom of expression a thing of the past when applied to Islam. This one? A rather subtle form of capitulation, aka cowardice. Not a finest hour.


The Vilification of English Language Schools

The vitriolic, despicable treatment of the founders of Abbey College, forced by way of punitive immigration policies and a failing economy to close its doors last Friday, is nowhere more apparent than in the press, with such a slanted piece as www.independent.ie/education/latest-news/they-are-robbers-they-stole-my-money-i-want-my-euro2300-backbut-i-dont-know-what-i-can-do-2842849.html.

Fiona Ellis writes well, and is normally on the side of reason and rationality. This surprised me, therefore: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/company-had-over-euro200000-in-bank-just-six-months-ago-2842852.html.

In this piece, she refers, or at least sanctions a reference made by her co-author, to ‘lower-level academic language schools’. What can she possibly mean?

At least one chap working for a struggling School had the balls to bounce back a few of the pieces of despicably received wisdom here: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/time-limits-unfair-to-overseas-students-2842827.html.

He’s wrong in asserting that there has to be a degree programme at the end of an English course prescribed by immigration, but he’s entirely right that Ireland is making itself look a dick in the wider world because of its uncertain and frankly racist-seeming immigration policies.

The Irish press have been contemptible in demonizing a couple of people who originally tried to do some educational good. I for one stand by Abbey College’s owners and wish them all the best (though the P45s through a courier was possibly ill-inconceived, when one is looking at destitution, normal behaviour is surely not to be much in evidence).


Fás annual leave

This is regarding Fás employees who are given SEVENTY DAYS ANNUAL LEAVE for the last two years before they retire!

Bearing in mind that those who are entitled to this must have been in office during those heady days of spending a 1 Billion euro budget when unemployment was close to zero is to say the least a piss-take.

The report,by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) says that those who are assisted by the State while on the dole were less likely to return to work than the average welfare recipient.

They found that participation in programmes run by FAS  increased the probability of subsequent employment by between 10 and 14 per cent.

However, Fás “activation interviews” with jobseekers resulted in the  chances of entering employment being about 17 per cent lower for those who went through the interview process.
Overall – the effect of FAS  was either zero, or at best weakly positive. http://www.esri.ie/news_events/latest_press_releases/activation_in_ireland_an_/index.xml

There seems to be very little information about actual remuneration for Fás employees but if we take the average wage to be €60.000 (conservative estimate), then the annual leave would cost the taxpayer €16,153 per employee.

We all know that this benefit will probably be removed and replaced by a nice fat payoff for those employees affected.

A little ‘rich’ in my view.



Localisation of Spam

Iwona Kat seems to be a bit of a polyglot as well as being somewhat of a philanthropist.

Not being content with assuming that the world is fluent in pidgin English, she has kindly taken to sending her loan offers in Irish.

Iwona is Polish (according to her email) so it is with some surprise that I see her apparently fluent in Irish. Like the majority of the population of Ireland, I have fuck all Irish myself, so I am somewhat in the dark and might miss out on a gift-horse…

For the rest of you here is Iwonas kind offer:

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Iarrtha mar Iasachta, Tír, Stáit, Do Iomlán Ainmneacha, Inscne, Uimhir Fón Póca, méid is gá, chun dul ar aghaidh.

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Contact email: iwonahousefirm@hotmail.com


Papal Anuncio – Departuro Anunciado

The papal nuncio has been ‘re-assigned’ to the Czech Republic, not before our learning that he must give verdict on the Coyne report despite this pathetic duck’s move to a’l'orange, and what perplexes me is this: why didn’t we kick the twat back to the Holy See ourselves, before the sorry catholic cult regrouped and found an exit for the useless bastard themselves?

Do we not routinely kick out ambassadors who have failed to meet our own country’s minimum standards? Of course we do. It is not the Vatican who should have been calling the shots here. It should have been we who expelled with immediate effect the useless and charlatan Leanza.

A huge step has been taken by this disgustingly empoped nation, though, towards eradicating itself of the religious connection that has for too many years made us a laughing stock. No big fan before, but now rather supportive, on this issue at least, of Enda Kenny. Good on the fellow. For once.


The Suicide of Fianna Fail

Brian Cowen is a cunt. He’s surrounded by cunts. So far, so uncontroversial, so sombre. And yet cunts who – laughably – voted to place – here’s where my laughter begins, along with my criticism – ‘confidence’ (has this word acquired a new meaning by way of Google, perhaps, with its ‘come hither, for I have questionable data for you’ winking way?) in the biggest, most blameworthy, most insouciant-seeming cunt of the lot of them. Well, hooray. At last they’re in tune with the nation’s preference for them all to jump off a cliff, for the cunts have sealed their own deserved demise, as usual without having the foggiest notion of what they’re up to. But there’s a sinister element lurking, a predator, with feet of clay, who may think that his failure to secure leadership this time round will be corrected shortly. Michael Martin, that nauseatingly inept and puritanical showman, has not yet been eradicated. Some may think he’s great – evidence, please. Others may think he’s a bit of a cunt. Evidence, please. For me, he’s an uber-cunt, and I’ve got my evidence ready for you here.

Fianna Fail will be at an end in a few months’ time, no doubt about that, but the horrible notion is that Micheal Martin will be at its head, with still enough support to have a convincing say in the Dail. It matters if he gets in or not.

Martin is to be resisted at all costs, and not only for home-grown reasons, such as taking away my fucking right to give some other lucky fucker a bit of my paid-for tobacco by way of my exhalation in a pub. He is the first Western foreign minister to have entered Gaza after Hamas take-over in 2007. He was shown around the various hospitals, schools and public offices on show to overseas dignitaries and was utterly taken in by the charade. He clearly didn’t notice, or was deliberately kept away from examples of, just how fat the population seemed to be, coming in at 7th place in the WHO scale of obesity-threatened nations. He clearly had no idea, despite being a fervent leftist, of the Potemkin village notion, and therefore of the way in which it can be reversed for equally pernicious propagandizing aims, or simply wished to tuck it under his mental rug and forget about it.

This is a report of what this man – a Minister, who is supposed to be in the know, and possible future leader of one of Ireland’s key parties – said:


The words of a wilfully hoodwinked man or simply a hoodwinked man? The man in my opinion refused to see, shutting hands over ears, closing his eyes in the most child-like way, refusing to see what would have been patently clear to anyone without Martin’s leftist pathology.

He saw what he wanted to see. And hence saw everything wrong with Israel. I don’t know if that is flat-out anti-semitism, or simply a malignant form of uber-liberalism, but neither is good or healthy, betrayals as both are to our innate human decency and solidarity. The former has darker implications which, if identified as such, deserves and requires a beating of the cunt of biblical proportions from as many godless creatures as can manage it.

There was in any case a robust response to Michael Martin, which I think is brilliant, to which the pretender to the Dail Eireann throne made not ONE reply or response.

Here it is: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-harris/dear-irish-foreign-minist_b_528593.html

This wasn’t from some very angry, very right unknown little pissant; it was from a senior associate of St Antony’s College, Oxford (not one of the bullshit fake theological colleges which have stolen Oxford’s name).

Despite knowing all of the despicable agendas against which Israel must 24/7/365 fight, the bastard Martin STILL supported the Rachel Corrie’s ignorant, trouble-making, self-seeking mission and demanded that Israel let it pass and deliver its unchecked cargo direct into Gaza.

The fucker is clueless and didn’t deserve to be a foreign minister and doesn’t deserve to be leader of any party but the Mad Hatter’s. But watch this space. I fear we’ll be hearing from the cunt again.


Christmas No. 1


DUBLIN TAXI: Don’t block my Bike Lane DICKHEAD!

While not all taxi drivers in Dublin would come under the low-life scumbag, overweight, balding, lazy, fart smelling mongrels banner, its worth taking note of this one Cabbies!

Its my Cycle Lane and don’t block it to pick up passengers DICKHEAD !

Now you all know who you are ! So ignore that €6 fare to O’Connell Street and keep moving !


Clearwire should be re-named to PULL-ME-WIRE!

Yep – our favorite Internet provider taking the piss once again! Form your own opinion – but its totally ridiculous. For a country that attracts major IT companies to conduct business – yet the facility, and services providers are probably the worst around. Its an embarrassment.

My accord with Clearwire began recently when I questioned our Internet bill of €39.95 per month for download speed of 875kb/s. I called to enquire about our plan and the capacity of the line. I found out that I was on the 1 MB plan, and it was being charged at a rate of €39 per month – which is 10 more than the published plan. Okay – stop right there. I should have known better to call and change my plan when they upgraded their services and plans. My bill should have been €29.95. 14 months of overpayment! But its my fault for never calling to upgrade the plan to the cheaper one. Now – what do you think they could offer in compensation…Urr…Umm…

All the could offer is a new plan for €19.95 for 2 Mb (Yeah right…i doubt that they can even get close to 2mbs down) download speed with a contract for another 12 months. Oh – STOP. Come on. Hilarious. Anyway – after 38 minutes on the phone and 3 people I finally got through to someone that could talk sense. I negotiated a bit, and then said that the savings I would earn from their overcharging could buy 140 beers from a local off-license. The guy agreed with me that it was a lot of beer. I then asked if he wanted to get half that with me. Anyway – it turns out that they could offer me a better rate going forward and without a contract.

It suits me for the moment until I decide on which carrier to go with next – but for everyone reading this – BUYER BEWARE! These guys are cunts and they don’t drink beer like they should!

So I am not finished there as this opens up a whole new can of worms. Lets have a quick look at just how bad and embarrassing it really is:

MOBILE Broadband suppliers RATES


1mbps = €29.95

2mbps = €39.95


5 mbps = €35

8 mbps = €40

12 mbps = €60


Telia mobile broadband

12-24 Mbps = €36 / 359kr

Mobilit bredband 6

6 Mbps = €9.95 / 99 kr


Funny: Microsoft and Java